Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Project activities

On September 2006 we submitted a proposal to the FCT Call for the funding of R&D projects. Our project was named “Computational Implementation of an Extended Perspective System”, since the EPS concept was then newly formulated. Despite the evaluation mark was “Good”, we couldn’t get funding to start on, what disappointed the team but didn’t broke our conviction on the project’s feasibility and relevance. So, we decided to review our global strategy on the project and to gradually build a more mature proposal to the next FCT call. Meanwhile, we kept the sustaining research and provided opportune publicity both to the EPS concept and to the overall purpose of its implementation in graphical representation procedures.

Presentations in scientific events

September 2007 - 25th eCAADe International Conference, Frankfurt

July 2007 - V International Conference of Mathematics & Design, Blumenau

Presentations in institutional events

November 2007 – 3as Jornadas de Inovação da ADI, FIL, Lisboa

November 2007 – 2º Fórum Missão Exportar da AIP, CCL, Lisboa

Confined presentations

January 2008 - Meeting with YDreams’ CEO and staff members, Lisboa

YDreams is a leading company in the area of the emerging digital and computational technologies. This meeting was a valuable opportunity to present our project and to hear their impressions and advices regarding development and strategic options. Moreover, as a result of this approach, the CEO António Câmara became a consultant of our project on the present candidacy to the FCT call.


25th eCAADe International Conference Proceedings

V International Conference of Mathematics & Design Proceedings

2007 UTL/OTIC Catalogue

UTL wellspring inventions database:

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