Thursday, July 22, 2010

The research debut

The official date to the start of the NAADIR research project was scheduled to April 1st 2010.
However, since the team knew the project was to be funded, several preliminary tasks have been tackled, in order to get some advance. Particularly, regular meetings have been taking place, gathering mainly the researchers more related to Geometry, Mathematics and Computer science. In these work sessions, it was discussed the theoretical framework of the Extended Perspective System (EPS) and the formal definition for the implementation, linking geometrical concepts to an adequate algebraic description. The early approach to the computational implementation of the EPS is being done with the help of Matlab and Octave software. As a result of these activities, we accomplished a raw prototype that already gives rise to the first EPS depictions of architectural subjects.
This state of the research allowed the team to present a Poster at the NEXUS 2010 Conference, which took place at Oporto last June (


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